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Wyoming State Open Golf Tournament
July 11-14, 2019

Professional Tournament Information
54 holes stroke play  - Entries will be limited to 100 players and - THERE WILL BE NO PROFESSIONAL CUT, ALL PROFESSIONALS WILL PLAY 54 HOLES. 

Entry Fee $325.00, includes pro-am. ALL FEES MUST ACCOMPANY ENTRY FORM
Entries will be taken until the field is full.

 All cancellations are subject to a $25.00 cancellation fee.

Professional pro-am information: The pro-am will be held in two shotgun starts, 7.30 AM and 1.30 PM. Each shotgun start is a separate pro-am. Professional sweeps money is paid and the format is one low gross, one low net ball for the team score. Teams are made up of two professionals and four amateurs. Professional may enter their own teams.

Please note: All professionals must play in the pro-am. A professional must request a waiver from the tournament committee to not play in the pro-am. If the committee waives this requirement, there will be no refund of any portion of the entry fee. Any professional that does not request a waiver and does not play in the pro-am will be disqualified from the stroke play portion of the tournament and will not receive a refund.

Please note: The practice facility at the Cheyenne Country Club will not be available at any time during the tournament. Players are asked to use the practice facility at Prairie View Golf Course.

Senior Professionals (ages 50 and over): Will be paid the highest prize earned over the field based on 54 holes of play

The Wyoming State Open Tournament Committee reserves the right to take whatever action and/or modify the format of play in any way necessary to protect players, spectators, and volunteers in cases of inclement weather. In these cases, no refund of any type will be made.
Any cancellation of one or both pro-am's will result in the winners being determined by a blind draw.

The Wyoming State Open, Airport Golf Club, and the City of Cheyenne, are not liable for injuries or damages caused by golfer activity or natural forces such as lightning, hail, wind, and the like. When lightning is in the area, the committee staff will make every effort to inform players,spectators, and volunteers through the use of a blow horn. However, players, spectators, and volunteers shall assume responsibility for their own safety.

Professional Prize Breakdown
All prizes based on a full professional field.
54 Hole Results

1st- $10000.00  2nd $5500.00  3rd $3875.00  4th $3500.00 
5th $3250.00  6th $2875.00  7th $2500.00  8th $2250.00
9th $2000.00  10th $1875.00  11th $1750.00  12th $1625.00 
13th $1500.00  14th $1250.00  15th $1125.00  16th $1000.00
17th $875.00  18th $750.00  19th $625.00  20th $500.00
21st $375.00  22nd to 25th $250.00 

Senior Professional Breakdown
All Prizes based on a full professional field
54 Hole Results

1st $1000.00 2nd $765.00 3rd $653.00 4th $540.00 5th $450.00

6th $360.00 7th $315.00 8th $270.00 9th $225.00